Medical Aid

Medical Aid

Okay so what is it going to be, Medical Aid vs Medical Insurance vs Hospital Plan ??

This will really boil down to Health and Affordability from a Clients perspective…


From the Provider it is more about the Product and the Service…

So let’s see if we could get all 4 aspects together so that you are satisfied and your needs met

This product is generally more expensive than your Tax or Car Insurance or Car Payments but none the less it is really needed.


Here are some basic Tips to consider when taking Medical Aid:

1) Provider of the Medical Aid is well known, been in business for a while and is financially stable

2) Compare last years Doctor and Medicine Bills to your potential Day to Day Cover

3) Will there be changes Medically in the future or are you expecting to still have more children

4) Consider your Age against your Plan Type (in other words do you need comprehensive??)

5) Is your lifestyle and Medical Condition so that you need a Medical Savings or Day to Day??

6) Will a Hospital Plan alone be enough??

7) Then look at the different plans Annual Limits not just the Price.

8) Is the Plan you considering covering Rates of 100% or 300% or in-between

9) Then consider what restrictions there might be for example which hospital and service providers

10) Can you afford to be on Medical Insurance that is often made up of restrictions and Limits but is much cheaper

11) Consider an Independent Broker that can compare different Schemes and options

12) Lastly what fits your budget because its best to pay less and Invest

Well  all you need to do is complete the form attached and we will make just ONE phone call back to you.

Thereafter will send you a Quote Comparison from at least 3 out of the Top 10 companies in South Africa that fits the your unique situation taking into consideration the 12 aspects above .