Insurance Sales Training

Insurance Sales Training

 You have arrived at  Insurance Sales Training probably because you are either looking to Work in the Insurance industry or you are already in the Insurance Industry and need assistance to change your work into a Flourishing Insurance Business Practice.

Whichever way, you have arrived at the correct Insurance Sales Training program that will take you step by step through the process in Creating your Insurance Practice which will exceed your expectations.

How it Normally Works

1) You will join an Insurance company and your First Training is Product Knowledge
2) Then your Manager will instruct you to go make 50 calls per day and get appointments
3) So you grab the phone and directory of sorts and fire away objection after objection.
4) You go home disappointed but come back the next day positive and try again
5) After a week you are so excited you have 2 appointments out of the 250 telephone calls
6) So week 2 you go out on those appointments but you have no idea what you are walking into.
7) Appointment 1 is entirely the wrong neighborhood and when you get in the house its definitely the       wrong Client and his first words are I cant afford any insurance. Really !!!!!!
8) Appointment 2 you end at the perfect address with perfect potential Client BUT he has his own Financial Advisor.
9) So you go back to Scratch and start again and start calling the 50 people again


So How am I different and why use MY  Insurance Sales Training ??

Well firstly I am a Financial Advisor myself so I understand and talk from Experience.

Secondly I have won various awards from my First Year of being in the Insurance Industry.

Rookie of the Year in the first year to Top 20 Agent in the Country in the 3rd year.

From writing 5 Transactions every Month to 30 Transactions per month in Year 3.

Now it does not have to take so long to achieve this but I achieved this by developing my own Plan and System.

So what is the Insurance Sales Training Worth to you ??

Well if I could produce another R5000 per week to your production what would you Pay for that??
Yes we could achieve this by simply applying the principles in just 12 Weeks.

So how does the Insurance Sales Training Work??

1) You Register and Pay R1500  Cash or otherwise R600pm for 3 Months.
2) We send you your First Week Manual and at the end of the Week speak via Email with you.
3) This we do for the 12 Weeks until you have completed the Course successfully.

So do you have a Plan and Strategy in place and are You Achieving your  Full  Potential !!

YES it begins with a Positive Mindset.

So do not Procrastinate and Start your Insurance Sales Training Today