Insurance Quote

Insurance Quote the Key to saving money but yet still meeting the need.

Is it not painful to pay for Years and years for a Life Insurance Cover or a Funeral Cover and then go on Pension and realize that you do not need the R2 000 000 Life Quote any more, and so you cancel it and realize you lost everything!!

Lose or Lost Already ??
You might be paying R1000pm or R2000pm and you are thinking if you stop this now you are going to lose thousands of Rand’s.

Well Sir/Madam unfortunately whether you stop or not you have already lost all of the money because remember when you paid last Month it covered this month and that money is gone.

Was it needed or not that Insurance Quote ??

Well we know it was important that you did take the R2 000 000 Cover because you did not have
R2 000 000 as an inheritance for your spouse 20 years ago available in Cash.

So it was maybe a grudge purchase but none the less a necessity.


 How do we mix both worlds together and get you a better Result you might be asking?
Well YES we can with a simple Insurance Quote.

Let me give you an example of a Life Cover that is certainly Possible….

Mr Meintjies 35 yr’s old being a non smoker with a diploma that earns about R30000pm that is a Technician by Profession. Lets say his aim is R2 000 000 Life Cover.

And so the insurance quote result….

R573 pm is his payment and his Guaranteed Capital at the age of 50 would be R115 000 Cash Back while projected would be R150 000 Cash Back more likely which means that at the age of 50 he will receive his full payments back.

The above is T&C’s apply
This is a wiser Investment

Okay so if you think it to good to be true, get an non obligated insurance quote and lets start recovering your money while still covering your Risk.