Home Loans


Home Loans are affected by Property values in South Africa’s Property Market and  in 2018 are still not to strong and properties only grew in value in 2017 by just under 4%.

Having said that it is a Buyers Market and as we know we have had a rate decrease so it is, no better time than now to Purchase with a Home Loan.

When Purchasing please remember:

1) Know what you can Afford Do a Credit check and Pre Affordability Check before Purchasing so that you House Hunt for the correct property at the Correct Pricing. We will assist you with this Home Loan.

2) Understand all the costs involved and we as the Bond Originator  doing your Home Loan can assist you with this

3) Find someone knowledgeable to assist you in identifying your Perfect home. Make sure they are registered with the EAAB and has a EEAB certificate. The more professional help you can get, the better.

4) Shop around getting to know your prices and area and so that you buy the correct property in the correct area.

5) Utilize ourselves as a Bond Originator for your Home Loan and we can apply to all Banks making it easier for you as the Buyer and at the same time getting the best Interest for you. Banks are the following: Nedbank, FNB, ABSA, Standard Bank, Ithala Bank, Housing Investment Partners, Investec, Rand Mercantile, Rand Merchant.

6) Another factor to be always concerned about is like they always say “Buy a smaller less attractive house in a Good area than a brilliant house in a bad area” Obviously you can in time make it a wonderful house but in time you will not make an area wonderful.

7) Be aware of all hidden costs in the Property like what is damaged, working and not working

8) Look after your Credit Rating for this will affect your Deposit and Interest Rate

9) Do you pay your Bond off quicker or the normal time? Well this will depend on the Interest Rate you are getting whether to pay off earlier or to rather us that monies for investment

10) A First Time buyer may also qualify for a 100% Loan

11) Then off course the Banks normally require Bond Cover which we are able to arrange for you that has a 100% Cash Back so that you do not waste money over the next 20 years

Hope this has helped you and do not forget our  opportunity to help pay that Bond off earlier.

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