This is NOT the  GEPF Webpage but just News, Views and Rules of the GEPF.

GEPF Rules and How this affects your Pension and its Payout.

The GEPF has been a lot in the news lately and most of that NEWS has not been good news.
Most of the publicity has been around not so much its administration but rather its RULES and its INVESTMENTS

Off course the GEPF stance is that the investments do not affect the GEPF Members Pension for it is a Defined Benefits Pension.

But I beg to differ as  we say the following:

1) If PIC is investing at a return that is above inflation it creates a Healthy Fund, that will be able to sustain its members.
2) On the other hand if not investing wisely and the return is less than inflation then the fund will be unhealthy, and will not sustain its Members in the long run.


While we are talking investments, the GEPF through PIC have generally been running at about 13% return on an average over the last 10 years.
Now that is nothing to be sniffled at if you are a Fund Manager for that is an above average Return on Investment within a Pension Fund Regulation.


Unfortunately over the last 2 years PIC has only achieved 4%pa.
Now you cannot pay out 7% and make only  a 4% return.
It is a massive problem that will in time work it’s way out.

Not only this, but the future looks bleak, as the PIC has been questioned on undisclosed funds as seen in this report.
As well
With the Eskom Investment which we have yet heard of  the Results which they said would be a success.
Off course the interview with the GEPF monitor Group sounded further bells and they are not good ones.
Then Again
In this article concerning PIC shares in Steinhoff.
They are adamant how it should have been at Steinhoff YET maybe the idea should rather have been preventative maintenance by having had Members on the Board.
And Then
Lastly a report on just HOW open is the GEPF.

Now None of the above holds good water and I think the GEPF has some explaining to do.


Well when it comes Rules of  the GEPF the Members are definitely not clear at all and this causes the members to possibly make wrong decisions

Please remember this is a Defined Benefit Pension Fund and so works on a different Dynamique.

Are you aware of the possible penalties and when do they begin??
Is it better to stay in the Pension Fund or resign and move out??

These questions I get asked on a daily basis when lecturing on this Pension Fund.