Funeral Cover with 100% Cash Back

Funeral Cover 100% Cash Back

Okay so you have heard of Insurance companies doing a Cash Back with their Funeral Cover.
So if you do not make a Claim in well either 5 or 10 Years then you will receive 20% and even sum say 100% Back

Well let me explain how that is possible to get Funeral Cover 100% Cash Back.
Firstly if you Claim, well you are getting nothing, YES nudda back. Not a cent.
Well you say that’s not really a Cash Back then but just a normal Funeral Cover??
Yes you are correct.
Well the best is Do Not Die and do not Claim then you will get your 20% or whatsoever back.
But then you ask is their not a better way to make an investment if I am not going to die ??
And the answer is definitely YES.

You see the problem is that the Insurance Company builds your Cash Back in to the cost of the Policy and sometimes you even see a payment that you are making per month.
Still please do not DIE or make a Claim against that Policy.
If you are not able to afford it and stop paying the Policy then unfortunately the Cash Back is gone.

Now how do some even pay a 100% back.

Well let me give you an example as here under.

Firstly an average Policy for Member + Spouse + 3 Child is about R400pm.
Well it should be only R200pm without a built in Cash Back giving you at least R50000 per member and Spouse as well as R30000 per child.

So in other words R200pm to much.

R200 x 12 x 10 = R38200pd more than you should have. But with a decent interest this money is worth nearly R60000 in 10 years.

Now you are getting Loans and are in Debt and in actual fact you should have an Bank Balance of R60000 or you could have taken a Retirement Annuity instead

Okay so you ask what is the best way to get Funeral Cover 100% Cash Back . Well why not rather have a Guaranteed Cash Back whether you Claim or not and then you are getting the best of both worlds.

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