Compare Car Insurance

Compare Car Insurance

This is a complex comparison as there are various Factors that affect a Price.

When we think about how to compare Car Insurance and we realize we do not have the time for those long phone calls.
All Asking exactly the same questions, and when they give us the quote they are often way over the Top.

Had the same experience ??

And so you just keep paying the same premium because its just to much effort to spend so long on the phone trying to compare car insurance.

But then I receive my notification that my Annual increase is 5% and I wonder how does my premium go up every year and yet the value of my car goes down by 5% to 35% says the fundi’s.

Not sure how the Fundi’s get such a great gap but none the less it does go down.


Do an annual check by submitting your details to about 3 of the best Companies like this example.

This is the only way to do this and it does certainly cost you a bit of time but the savings of R3000 per year with interest, and over a 10 year period is R50000 worth of savings by investing wisely .

So to make it easy for you and to try save you the R50 000, submit your details below and we will arrange the 3 calls to you to compare car insurance

What I suggest is fill in the No obligation FORM only once and every year I will submit for you so that you do not have to complete over and over again. It is about time that the Insurers are kept on their toes. I am sure you agree.

Yes let us take the hassle out of the compare car insurance once and for all.



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