How to Make Money and Create Wealth                            

Every Persons desire is to make money in multiple ways so as to Create Wealth.

Therefore our Goal at Multi Wealth is to firstly assist you to Make Money through different avenues of Investments, Savings and Savings of Unnecessary  Insurance Premiums which all
result in Creating that Wealth that we desire.

We therefore do not stop there but rather follow through to Preserve and Grow  that Wealth that you have Created.

Making money and therefore Creating Wealth is essentially your Journey to which we are dedicated to. Therefore we will cover many aspects around Wealth Creation so that you are enriched with ideas and assistance to make the correct choices on your Wealth Journey.

At Multi Wealth we find that as a qualified Financial Planner with the FSB we take Treating Customers Fairly as part of our Culture.

Our Planning is based on the 6 Steps of Financial Planning being:

1) Defining a Professional Relationship
2) Determining your Goals and Needs
3) Summing up your current Status
4) Making of Recommendations
5) Implement Recommendations
6) Reviewing Recommendations

So Watch our BLOGS for upcoming and interesting News like the following aspects that we will tackle so that we can Make Money resulting in Creating Wealth for You:

Are you Receiving Best Value   when it comes to Life Insurance Quotes??

Car Insurance   just gets more Expensive while the cars value drops??

As a Government Employee what is happening with my GEPF ??

Are you on mark with Retirement or are you just buying RA’s ??

Are you achieving the best you can as an Insurance Salesman ??

Is your Will valid and what happens if I do not have one??

What interest Returns are you Investments achieving ??

Can you receive better service from your Medical Aid??



We are focused on Exemplary Service in the following areas of Finance:

Insurance; Investments; Retirement; GEPF; Wills and Testaments; Home Loans;
Medical Aid  & Car Insurance